4 Tips For Employers To Keep Their Employees Drug Free During Christmas

Christmas only comes around once every year and for many people this usually means an opportunity to let go. Unfortunately, letting go for many people usually involves over indulging in certain habits and also trying out new things that may not necessarily be legal. This is usually the time when many people experiment with illegal drugs ranging from hard drugs such as cocaine to party drugs like ecstasy. As an employer, your employees’ activities during this period has a significant impact on you. This means that you should take it upon yourself to do what you can to ensure that your employees stay drug free during this period. Some of the steps that you can take include:


Remind Them That Drugs Are Illegal

The spread of drug use in the U.K. and other parts of the world has led to many people adopting a blasé attitude towards drugs. Most drugs are controlled substances including the legal ones and getting one without a prescription could easily land a person in serious trouble with the law. Ensure that your employees are well aware of the fact that it is illegal to abuse drugs and in some cases could carry a jail sentence.


Educate Them On The Dangers

It has recently been revealed that many people are oblivious to the real dangers of using certain drugs. Many people don’t even believe that it is possible to become addicted to drugs like marijuana. The dangers of many drugs are not just in the drugs themselves but in the effects. Side effects of drugs such as poor coordination and reaction time, blurred vision etc. can greatly increase the risk of getting involved in accidents.

Organize regular meetings to brief your employees on such issues. An external speaker can also be invited so as to give your employees a different perspective on the issue.


Put Drug Testing Measures In Place

The only thing worse than employees using drugs is if they use drugs and turn up to work intoxicated the next day. In that case they may not only pose a danger to themselves but to their colleagues. Your employees may be less likely to use drugs if they know that there will be drug tests conducted the following day. Whether the testing method is random or absolute, don’t just talk about having the measures in place- ensure that they are actually carried out just to be sure.


Remind Your Employees To Remain Vigilant

If your employees are out having a good time in a bar, club or a party, it is very easy for someone to put a drug in their drink or pass them food that contains drugs. This not only puts them at risk of getting intoxicated but may leave them vulnerable to other crimes. Remind your employees of the importance of staying alert while having a good time. It may very well be the difference between life and death for them.


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