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Do you run a rehab center and you are looking for ways to increase your admissions? Does your company need strategic ways to showcase their drug addiction treatment products or services but don’t know how to go about it? Abstinence provides the ideal platform for your products or services to be seen and heard of, all over the world. We have a team of experienced marketing specialists who will come up with customised solutions for your advertising needs.

With many people searching for help for their loved ones who are already addicted to these substances and even the addicts themselves who want to liberate themselves from the strong hold, placing ads about your products and services on Abstinence goes a long way in ensuring that you make a positive impact in the society while making profit from the sales of what you offer. Take advantage of our advertisement services today and get real value for money.

What we Offer

These days, most people go online to find solutions to their problems even before they consult a specialist, a friend or family member. This means that every individual tries to discover answers to their queries then make up their mind before contacting anyone. This same philosophy applies to drug addiction products and services, that is why we at Abstinence have taken the time to provide the perfect avenue for you to advertise what you offer to save lives, make a name for your brand while the public grows confident in you.

At Abstinence, we tailor our marketing campaigns to suit what you’re offering and promote your brand while generating great leads that will boost your sales or patronage. We make use of social media tools and other bespoke digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website as well. We gather reviews from customers and visitors of your page or facility, then publish them to help those seeking treatment for drug addiction to see that your solution is transparent and credible. Call us today and we will give you a quote that fits your budget.

Why Advertise with us

People suffering from addiction do not want to listen to general ads on radio and TV to find a lasting solution to their problems. They rather pick up the phone and go on internet. Search engines like Google is where they go on, and they are likely to select brands, services or products that pop up on the first (and sometimes second) page of the search results. At Abstinence, we maintain your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by creating the perfect content with the right keywords and outbound links to your page. This ensures that any one who enters keywords or queries related to what you offer will see your brand once the results are displayed.

Quality and excellent service delivery is our priority, therefore we make sure that your products or services get to the target audience in due time. Our advert spaces are not only affordable but available at anytime of the day. So what are you waiting for? Call us today, and let’s join hands in helping those with drug addiction find solutions to their problems – while you make a good name for your brand and a little something for your purse.

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