Breaking The Stigma Of Recovery

Drug addiction is both a psychological and physical dependency. It takes the power of the mind in decision making to be free from the addiction monster.

Drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and most hard drugs are more of a physical dependency because the body craves for the drug and they have serious withdrawal symptoms.

Despite this, it is still very possible to be freed from their addiction. Due to their harsh withdrawal symptoms, hard drug addicts should seek professional medical attention like a rehabilitation centre, where drugs which help to stabilize their normal body state are provided. A drug like marijuana is considered as the gateway drug because it’s the bridge between soft drugs like cigarettes and alcohol to the hard drugs like cocaine.



Marijuana is often considered as a psychological dependency when it comes to addiction. This is because the body does not crave for the chemical substance in marijuana but the state of the mind is the one that controls the marijuana craving. Most recovering addicts go to rehabilitation centres to get help with their drug addictions because it needs medical attention and also counselling to address the causes of drug addiction. It takes one decision to change from being an addict to celebrating sobriety. As for recovering addicts, it’s not an easy journey and the best way is to take it one day at a time. Once a day is over and you are sober, it is a huge step in recovery.

The best way to kill stigma during recovery is to change the people, places and things that one used to be around. This is a very important step in recovery. Most recovering addicts face a lot of stigma during recovery where others are discouraged by old friends that he/she cannot change his/her old ways of addiction. Due to this, most of them have a lapse. A lapse is where you slip from sobriety maybe once or twice and seek help immediately so as not to fall into relapse.



A relapse is when one had maintained sobriety for a long period of time, then they slip back to their old ways and continue to use the drug of their choice in more amounts than they did when they were in addiction. When one faces a relapse, the way forward is to see a counsellor to address the issues that made one slip back into drugs. The main cause of taking drugs which is in most cases due to stress, should be addressed and find a way to be dealt with so as to avoid relapses.

Recovering addicts are persons with an addictive personality where once they start something, especially drugs, they get addicted very easily and quickly. Due to this personality, recovering addicts are advised to find activities that outweigh the negatives in their lives than the positives. Positive addictions like gym and church related activities are the best replacements for drug addiction. It takes the power of the mind and positive thinking to overcome drug addiction.

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