General Information on Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a habit formed out of frequently using drugs for a long period of time- causing a physical dependence to the drug.

Addiction is caused by interference in the brain’s reward and motivation centres. A drug addict cannot control themselves in the presence of drugs because drugs represent a form of reward to the brain.  

When a first time user takes drugs, they are doing it out of their own will. The drugs cause the brain to produce dopamine once in the system. Dopamine has a “feel-good” effect on the brain. The effect influences the brain to consider drugs as a reward. This motivates the user to use it over and over until the brain makes it a habit. At this point, the drugs become a dependency.

As the habit forms, the amounts needed to get “high” increase. Meaning that the brain is able to tolerate increasing amounts of the substance. This causes the drug user to use more and more drugs. Another thing that happens as the user builds tolerance is that other activities become less pleasurable. The reward obtained from work, food and exercising is not comparable to drugs. This is how drugs affect a person’s life. Their life becomes purely motivated by drugs and their effects.


Harmful Effects Of Drugs

Drugs have very dangerous effects on the body.

They include:

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Trembling hands and fingers
  3. Slurred speech
  4. Erectile dysfunction
  5. Brain disorders
  6. Epilepsy and seizures
  7. Cancer of the throat, mouth, liver and lungs
  8. High blood pressure
  9. Inability to focus
  10. Lowered motivation to work and socialize.


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Above all, drugs harm the families and friends of addicts. Some drug users become violent towards their loved ones. Sometimes they may be negligent towards their children and marriages. At other times, addiction causes financial problems such as debt and inability to provide basic needs such as food and shelter.


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There is no shame in suffering from drugs. After all, most people are driven to use drugs by compelling problems in their lives such as depression, child abuse and emotional abuse. Some people use drugs to cope with pressure at school and the loss of jobs.

We understand all that.

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