Getting a Provider for Court Ordered Drug Testing

Sometimes the courts order individuals to submit themselves to drug testing. This happens when they have committed an offence and the offence is linked to drug use or misuse.  The aim of a court ordered drug testing is to prevent the offender from further offence by addressing their problem with drug use. An order for drug testing lasts for as long as the court deems fit and according to the need- whether it is for pre-trial services or probation. Depending on this, it could be a one-off or could last for months and years during which period, the individual is required to undergo regular drug testing.

With probation, court ordered testing addresses the problem of drug use and gives an offender access to a monitored treatment programme. It ensures that he stays sober going forward- by combining testing and treatment. It is therefore important to look out for the best testing provider that can help him meet the needs to stay sober. Here are a few things to consider in order to make the right choice.



With court ordered testing, there is always a stated time for the test results to be reported. A good testing centre must be able to provide the test results for the individual well within the required time. If the probation officer receives the test results after the stated time, it could affect the progress of his probation.


Following Protocol

Court ordered testing has specific protocol that must be followed. It is important to look out for a testing provider that understands the protocol of court ordered testing and will follow it as required.



As with many other things in life, drug testing cannot always be accurate. This is not an excuse for sloppiness in test accuracy. However, good testing centres will offer the highest possible level of accuracy and they will be consistent in delivering this level of accuracy.


Test Range

Testing centres should provide a robust and full range of drug testing. There are the usual ranges such as the 5 panel, 10 panel and 12 panel drug tests. The tests could be hair follicle, saliva, nail or urine tests. Some testing providers take it a notch further by creating custom testing panels that suit the specific needs of their clients.


Substance Specificity

It is key to look out for testing providers that can offer the tests needed for the specific substance to be tested for. It is not every drug test that can find the same thing which is why there may be the need to run various tests.Customer service: No one wants to go to a centre where they will be treated without courtesy and dignity. For individuals with a drug use problem, it is even more important that they are treated with utmost courtesy. A good testing centre will therefore ensure that its clients are treated properly at all times.

On a general note, when shopping for service providers, there is sometimes the need to compare three or more providers before making a choice. The same should be done carefully with court ordered testing especially as it deals with the quality of human life.


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