How To Stop Taking Crack

Crack cocaine is considered to be the most addictive form of the drug. It is usually smoked and it produces a high that’s very intense but short-lived. Due to its highly addictive nature it is not an easy drug to give up. It is also important to know beforehand what you should expect when you stop taking the drug so that you can be psychologically prepared.


Is It Possible To Stop Taking Crack Abruptly?

Whether or not you are able to simply stop this habit will depend on several issues. Being able to stop taking the drug will depend on the level of your body’s dependence on it. When you take drugs like cocaine regularly for a certain period of time, it is likely that your body will adapt some of its functions to accommodate the presence of the drug. If it reaches a point where the body can no longer perform certain functions in the absence of the drug, then it is said that the body has become dependent on it.

Also, tolerance and dependence usually go hand in hand. If you now need more of the crack to feel the same high as you once did with a smaller amount, it is quite likely that you have become physically dependent on the drug and the body can tolerate more of it. Once your body is dependent on the drug, it is much more difficult to simply stop taking the drug. This is because withdrawal symptoms will set in suddenly and these can be extremely uncomfortable. The level of dependence will determine how severe the withdrawal symptoms are.


What To Expect When You Quit

The period immediately after you stop taking crack is known as the detoxification period. During this time the body will be getting rid of the toxins that may have been left in the system by the crack. This is also the period during which you will undergo the withdrawal symptoms. Because crack changes the brain’s chemistry such that certain neurochemicals can’t be produced unless it’s present, the brain now has to adjust to the absence of the crack in the system. Crack causes a lot of dopamine to be produced and without the crack in the system, the neurochemical won’t be produced resulting in a person feeling extremely depressed. There are other symptoms that you can expect at this stage including:

  • Anxiousness
  • Exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Extreme cravings
  • Mood swings etc.


Quitting Cold Turkey

This implies abruptly stopping the use of crack after a prolonged period of dependence on it. Quitting cold turkey leads to withdrawal symptoms starting soon after the last dose. This method is not recommended by most doctors. Not only will the withdrawal symptoms be more acute but the experience may be both physically and psychologically traumatic. Relapsing is very common in such instances.


Quitting Safely

The safest way to stop taking crack is under medical supervision. In this environment, a doctor can design a quitting method that will work well for you and you will also have access to counsellors who can help you to deal with the psychological challenges that come with crack addiction. Medical personnel can also provide treatment for certain symptoms which reduce possibility of relapsing.


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