Sanctuary Lodge, Essex: One of UK’s Most Advanced Rehab and Detox Centres

Sanctuary Lodge, Essex (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) is a prestigious UK rehab and detox facility with the aim of providing excellent recovery programmes to help people overcome their addiction and behavioural challenges. Sanctuary Lodge is located in Halstead, based on Hedingham Road, and boasts of top professionals who have vast experience in providing quality rehab and detox services. Sanctuary Lodge, Essex offers diverse addiction and rehab services for behavioural disorders such as drugs, sex, gambling, alcohol addiction, and anxiety. Our addiction counsellors and practitioners at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex have vast experience and excellent training in delivering quality services to ensure that your rehabilitation from addiction and other behavioural disorders is quick.

Why Enrol in Sanctuary Lodge, Essex Detox and Rehab Programme in the UK?

When an individual develops a dependence, whether psychological or physiological, on an activity like gambling and sex or substance like meth and alcohol, without any care for the upset the dependence is causing in their life, then they have an addiction. When addiction happens, it can translate to grave health complications. Addiction has ruined lives, destroyed dreams, turned relationships upside down, and caused brilliant people to drop out of school or lose their jobs. The proper way to defeat addiction is through treatment from a reputable detox and rehab clinic. Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, is here to help you if you live in the UK or need to detox and receive addiction rehab in the UK.

Sanctuary Lodge Rehab Facility in Essex is Conducive

Admission and a cry for help are usually the first step to recovery from addiction. However, many people cherish their privacy. Thus, the lack of a conducive environment for detox and rehab can become a hindrance to such people stepping forward to get help, and thus they may fall back on their addiction. Because of this, a favourable atmosphere is of great importance in ensuring the success of a detox and rehab programme. Patients prefer rehab and detox clinics that are welcoming, that guarantee’s their client’s privacy, and that doesn’t encourage stigmatisation—a clinic where they wouldn’t be judged by other patients, visitors, or the professional staff at the clinic.

Are you looking for complete privacy and a welcoming atmosphere during detox and rehab? We are here to give you that. Our outstanding rehabilitation facility at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex is fitted with advanced 24 double bedrooms that come with en-suite bathrooms. Our rehab facility is designed to make the environment conducive for our clients and allow them settle in seamlessly. At Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, we provide a conducive environment that allows our clients to relax and focus their energy on dispelling stress and shutting out distractions to cultivate a new and better lifestyle.

Client-Based Rehab Services at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

“Sanctuary Lodge, Essex has several years of experience.” as stated by a member of Essex County Council. We have realized that our clients come with different challenges, which cannot be solved the same way as others. For this reason, we have worked extensively to design various options based on the diverse needs of our clients to ensure each of them is treated according to their specific requirements. As soon as a client joins our rehab and detox programme, we will conduct extensive inspection and close monitoring to help us collect important details. This will enable us design a suitable treatment regime for the client. We make clear a distinction between the specific requirements of our clients. That’s one of our ways of ensuring a successful detox and rehab for everyone.

Sanctuary Lodge’s Detox and Rehab Programmes Are Administered Under Professional Medical Supervision

Addiction usually births withdrawal symptoms, some of them mild and other severe. It’s not uncommon to experience these symptoms during detox and rehab—worse, they can lead to physical and mental health issues. Because of this, our detox programmes are administered under professional medical management at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex. Patients undergo successions of tests as a way for us to ascertain that they don’t have any pre-existing medical problems that can get worse during detox. Also, we have each patient monitored during detox so that we can immediately and swiftly treat any complications that may arise. Sometimes, in extreme cases, we may prescribe medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Registered and Respected Addiction Counsellors at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

There is no doubt that you want to enrol in a reliable clinic when looking for an addiction treatment. You want your case to be handled by professionals Our detox and rehab clinic has the approval of various quality assurance bodies in the profession. For instance, Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, is registered with UKAT. Because we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest industry standards, Sanctuary Lodge is endorsed by Care Quality Commission (CQC) and supported by Braintree District Council.

Our Detox and Rehab Services at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex Are Affordable

There are a number of things that can dissuade addicts from seeking help. One of them is the cost. Because they can’t afford treatment, some people simply give up hope and resign to their addiction. We are here, not to make receiving help with detox and rehab daunting for you, but to help you. Our services at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex are very affordable. We aim to provide wellness services to our clients to help them improve their living and wellbeing. Our rehabilitation programmes are well-structured and successful enough to be worth every penny you spend. Our team of addiction counsellors are very skilled and well trained. They have spent many years developing successful rehab and detox programmes that help people overcome their addictions to become more productive in life.

Let’s Help You Get Your Life Back Together at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

Addiction is a strong habit that requires urgent intervention. It is not easy to stop an addictive habit. Many people have taken the path to freedom but faltered. They have become slaves to their addictions, with no hope of getting out and enjoying a life of freedom. But, we are here to give hope, and help our clients get their lives back together. Our goal is to help you seize control of your life again. We can help strip away the gnawing compulsion that accompanies addiction. We can help you find recovery, however difficult it is. We are passionate about helping our clients gain freedom from these habits, and begin to enjoy fruitful and purposeful conversations with their friends and family. We want to help them free the space occupied by addiction in their life so that they can once again accommodate their dreams and plans for their future.

Call us now at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex to take your first steps towards improving your lifestyle.

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