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Do you have a personal drug experience you would like to share, or information that could help someone that is battling a drug addiction?We’ll be happy to hear from you. Write for us today.

We are an organisation that provides information and resources to help addicts through their journey of recovery. We understand how hard it is to break an addiction and aim to make every step of the process hassle-free with our web resources and support groups.

Since our company was formed, we have published lots of useful information to help people take more informed decisions about their addiction or that of an addicted loved one. Our materials include reliable information on where to get accredited drug rehab facilities, safe detoxification practices or trusted addiction counsellors in an area. All information is geared towards helping people start and maintain a lifestyle of sobriety.

We have helped many drug addicts turn towards a life of recovery by providing the information they needed to kick their habits. You too can be part of this positive initiative to get people on a new lease in life.

Let your voice be heard by people who need it, you never know who you might save.

Who Writes For Us?

Our writers are mainly people who are passionate about helping. They may have been affected by addiction or known as a drug user at some point in their life. Former users who wish to share their personal stories in hope that it might touch and influence someone out there can send their posts to us.

We also have access to professionals such as addiction counsellors, doctors, psychologists and therapists who produce written content about addiction for us.

You don’t have to be an expert or a former addict. If you love to research and write, we will be happy to receive any original content you want to share. We believe someone out there can benefit from your work.

Also, we are specifically looking for content that is original, informative and empathetic. The message should be non-judgemental and written with the intention to inform.

 What To Write About?

Any piece that makes the road to recovery easier for a person seeking help from addiction is a good start. Some examples are:

  • How to maintain sobriety
  • How to resist a relapse
  • Personal sobriety solutions
  • How you overcame addiction
  • Ways to help a loved one struggling with addiction
  • Guide to supporting an addicted friend
  • Directions for addiction support groups in Locationxxx
  • How to conduct a successful intervention

Of course, these are just a few examples. If you have fresh ideas, do contact us.

Why Write For Us?

A well-written guide could be the difference you make in helping someone break away from drug addiction or your blog post could help a family member support an addicted loved one better.

Think about the relief a person feels when they no longer have to depend on the next fix to get through the day. It feels good to know you made it happen in some way.

Quick Guidelines

  • Please ensure your guest posts are empathetic and informative.
  • They could be between 600 to 900 words

If you have any posts you want to send, contact the editor via email Emailxxxxx.

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