Write For Us

Write For Us

Abstinence.co.uk is a service based website which seeks to provide help to guests by meeting their need for treatment advice or directions for those seeking to break a drug addiction. Currently, we recruit writers so if you are here in search of such opportunity, you are not wrong. However, it will help you to go through the next few paragraphs, so you understand what exactly we want and how to place you pitch so you can be picked.

Getting Acquainted With Our Standards

Before you start, it is imperative that you surf through the website and read as many posts as you can to gain more understanding about Abstinence, what kind of articles we require, who are our target audience, what they are expecting to read, and any other information you think you can glean. You can click this link to go through the posts we have on the site. As you have noticed we try to offer advice about breaking the addiction to drugs and other related substances, provide help for those who need external help and direction, so if you feel you have the ability to align to these, then you are sure on the right track.

Due to the kind of audience we have, we love to keep our write-ups quite professional, so it is important to follow suit. We do not like anything offensive or off-color, no matter how little. The simple guide is, “if you are not sure of it, then leave it out.”

Placing Your Pitch

Now that you have a gaze at the kind of work expected, you are ready to make your pitch. Several writers are trying to get in on the opportunity and a good number get rejected, probably because they do not adhere to the instructions. You have at least read through those so you have a head start. A few tips to making your pitch are,

  • Get the right spelling of our name, several folks misspell it and that throws them overboard before they even set sail.
  • Show you are familiar with the site.
  • Send in a few of your original pieces as references.

Once your pitch is approved, you will be contacted and you just follow the instructions given.

Pitch Accepted What Next?

When you start writing for us, it might take some time to approve posts, do not panic, it is just due to the number of submissions we get. We will definitely get back to you, it might take a few days to two weeks at times. We, however, maintain the rights to enforce any editing on your work, such will most likely be spelling and grammatical edits. Anything requiring more technical work will be resent with suggestions on what to fix.

All approved write-ups are shared on the site as well as social media platforms, if you want to be tagged you can simply include your social media handles. Feel free to respond to comments and please do check in every few days to answer questions relating to your articles.

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